Greyledge Lodge


Spectacular sunrises and moonrises over the lake. Eagles soaring, loons calling and other wildlife wandering through the door yard all add to the peace and tranquility of Greyledge…

Bullwinkle takes a stroll
Bullwinkle takes a stroll.
2 moose cross the road
Mom, wait for me!
fawn in driveway
Hide in plain sight.
tractor ermine
Anybody seen the rest of my tractor?
fawn in foliage
Where did she go now?
moose in foliage
I don't think they'll see me in here.
Ermine with snack
Where are the crackers?
Fox under rock
Hope the roof doesn't leak.
Bluebird with worm
Early bird gets his worm.
Deer vs headlights
Where are the headlights?
Turkey Vulture with meal
Ah, turkey, my favorite!
Cardinal needs mate
Looking for my mate.
Fox looking
Fox lookout.
Hawk eye
Hawk eye.
Hummingbird in distance
Spring into action.
Fox lookout
You lookin' at me?
Ermine and snack
That looks tasty.
Humming birds
Dueling hummers.
Fox's dinner
Dinner's late again.
Deer in woods
Slim pickin's here.

Please note that these images were scanned from prints of snapshots taken on the run.